Valley Labs, Inc. is a government approved independent testing laboratory for the Circuit Board industry.

The personnel at Valley Labs, Inc. offer many years of experience and knowledge in testing, with this we are able to offer you the technical assistance you need along with advance testing and procedures that enable us to perform "quality testing" and "fast turnaround" with "economical pricing".

Valley Labs, Inc. commitment is:  "No task is evaded merely because it's impossible".

PERSONAL SERVICE:  No surprises.  We keep you up to date with the status of your boards.

QUICK TURNAROUND:  We work hard to finish the jobs on time (2 weeks max. for Group "B" at no additional charge).

COST EFFICIENCY:  We offer very competitive prices and reduced cost for multiple samples.

WIDE RANGE OF TESTING:  We can take care of many different types of testing so you don't have to worry about finding and dealing with many different sources.

CONSULTING:  If needed, we can consult with you on many areas of PWB manufacturing and testing at no cost to you.

TROUBLE SHOOTING:  Because of our experience in manufacturing and testing of PWBs we can help you find the answers to your problems, many times costing you nothing more than a phone call.

For further information contact JUDY or EMORY at E-mail:  judymilin@yahoo.com or Call at (805) 499-3613.

          3529 OLD CONEJO RD. # 112,  NEWBURY PARK, CA. 91320

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