Listed below are the steps required attaining qualification per MIL-PRF-55110 F Amend 1.
  1. Complete the application (DSCC form 19W), available through Valley Labs, Inc., send the application to DSCC, it takes approximately eight weeks to process the application.
  2. You have up to 1 year from the receipt of the authorization to submit the boards for testing.
  3. You may build the boards while the application is being processed.
  4. You must make at least 6 boards.  Two of the boards are sent to Valley Labs, Inc. for testing, two are to be kept on file for one year minimum, and two are for you to perform Group "A" testing which will be sent to DSCC when the Qualification testing is done.
  5. Art work to be used for Type II boards is IPC-100042; for Type III multilayer is IPC-100043. This art work is provided by us for your convenience at no extra charge.
  6. The normal testing time is from three to four weeks.  The testing can be expedited to two week minimum turnaround at no additional charge.
  7. After testing is completed, the original data, microsections and your Group "A" data are sent to DSCC.  You will receive a copy of the report from us.  It takes approximately 8 weeks for DSCC to review and grant the qualification.
  8. Once qualified you will need a FSCM number.  This number is for traceability purposes.

We hope that this outline will help you in understanding the time involvement when it comes to a qualification.

Group "B" Testing

This is a quality conformance test that has to be done each month that the is military production.  One test is needed for each material type that you are qualified for.  Two sets of coupons will be needed in order for this test to be done properly.  Testing time takes ten days minimum and the coupons should be from your most complicated job for that month.

When testing is done it will be sent to you to keep on file.  At the end of each year you will submit a copy of the Group "B"s and your copy of Group "A"s to DCSS for their review.  Group "A" can be done by you or Valley Labs, Inc. can do the microsectioning and if needed the more involved testing if a Master drawing is submitted along with the coupons and boards.

If you should need additional information, you can E-mail us at judymilin@yahoo.com or call us at (805) 499-3613 and ask for Judy or Emory. 3529 OLD CONEJO RD. #112  NEWBURY PARK, CA. 91320

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